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Ergostyle designs and delivers commercial ergonomic office furniture fit-outs, provides occupational health solutions and undertakes ergonomic design consultancy.

Our ergonomic solution specialists are a multi-disciplinary team capable of creating and reinventing products to forge a path in new ways of working.

Ergostyle integrate ergonomic principles into a design-led vision with the practical manufacture of future work spaces to optimise human productivity, wellbeing, and promote health and safety in the workplace.

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Workspace Environment Checklist

By |Design|

The Gensler Workplace Survey Report 2016 is out and the findings make for very interesting reading.

Acoustics – Sabine … Say What?

By |Ergonomics|

On a recent visit to Auckland I caught up with Ian Cooper from The WorkTools Company. I took the opportunity to discuss acoustics, in particularly Sabine’s, with him.

Acoustics – The Final Frontier

By |Design|

So we recently attended an event held at the newly established Dux Central here in Christchurch. Apart from the fantastic venue located next to the brand new Vodafone building, the event was also very educational.

Doing Ourselves Out of a Job?

By |Ergonomics|

The ironic and amusing aspect of this mechanisation is that this was and is designed by humans, to do humans out of a job or at least to bring the cost of the labour equation down. More than likely they will do themselves eventually out of a job as well!

Co-working the Productive Hub

By |Design|

Ergostyle like many other businesses, had been facing the dreaded building shift for some time now whilst EQ repairs are carried out on our building. An opportunity presented itself late last year to relocate Ergostyle into a new co-working space called Quad.

Child Posture – Learning While Standing?

By |Ergonomics|

The use of sit to stand desks for office workers has been on the rise for a number of years now. Although standing desks were reasonably common in Victorian times and even Leonardo da Vinci used one in the 1400s, very few were height adjustable.