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Welcome to Ergostyle

Ergostyle designs and delivers commercial ergonomic office furniture fit-outs, provides occupational health solutions and undertakes ergonomic design consultancy.

Our ergonomic solution specialists are a multi-disciplinary team capable of creating and reinventing products to forge a path in new ways of working.

Ergostyle integrate ergonomic principles into a design-led vision with the practical manufacture of future work spaces to optimise human productivity, wellbeing, and promote health and safety in the workplace.

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Millennials – Shaping The Future of Our Workplace?

Whether we like it or not, Millennials – those born between 1982 and 2004 – will form 75% of the workforce by 2025 according to Price Waterhouse-Coopers, so there’s little choice but to embrace the changing corporate landscape and work with it. Millennials want flexibility to work in different ways, the latest technological advances at their disposal, and their values honoured and respected. And the canny employer will provide these things.

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