Ergostyle designs and delivers commercial ergonomic office furniture & fit-outs, we provide occupational health solutions and can also provide ergonomic design consultancy.

Our ergonomic solution specialists are a multi-disciplinary team capable of creating and reinventing products to forge a path in new ways of working.

Ergostyle integrate ergonomic principles into a design-led vision with the practical manufacture of future work spaces to optimise human productivity, wellbeing, and promote health and safety in the workplace.

The Best of Both Worlds | Combining Flexibility and Collaboration

It’s an exciting time here in Christchurch, where so many new office buildings are springing up. And with the influx of modern architecture and 21st Century sustainable building practices, many companies are jumping on the opportunity to bring their office design into the 21st Century too. 

Neuroscience & Workspace Design

Recently I was reading an article about office design. Companies like Amazon, Google and Samsung are pulling out all the stops when it comes to creating spaces with all five senses in mind – employing everything from diet to colour theory to increase productivity. Amazon has even installed a rushing brook and waterfall in their head office to “permeate the workspace with continuous, calming white noise”.

Co-Working – The Shift Toward New Ways of Working

What does Monday morning look like in your mirror? Is there a glint in your eye? Is optimism and energy emanating from every pore? Or do you appear grey and distinctly ho-hum about the whole darn thing, just psyching yourself up to make it through to Friday? If you answered a resounding “Yusss!”to the former, you might well have caught the wave of co-working mania that’s blazing a trail through our big cities, not just in New York and London, but here in New Zealand and over the ditch in Australia, where, in fact, there is the largest number of co-working spaces per capita in the world. If you answered ‘Yes’ to the latter question, it looks like co-working might just be the shot in the arm you need!

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