Technology is constantly evolving, and with it come new ways of working…and better workspaces. Gone are the bullpens of yesteryear – there’s a lot more to a workspace these days than tables, chairs and partitions.

Our customer-first workspace solutions combine ergonomic principles and practical manufacturing. The result? Productivity, wellbeing, health and safety.

We’re leading the charge in workspace fitouts, occupational health solutions and ergonomic consultancy. We’re delivering workplaces that work.

  • Office Furniture Leasing

Practical Benefits of Leasing Office Furniture

The concept of leasing is trending as the leasing companies are also allowing businesses to buy the furniture, they have been leasing. This could also be a way to try before you buy. You can rent the furniture for a minimum time span, and then buy the same if you find it works well within your organisation.

  • The Future of Coworking Ergostyle

The Future and Evolution of Co-working

We are lead to believe that coworking is an open plan, airy space, working with other people. But then there are the major coworking operators such as WeWork and Christies which are basically serviced offices.

  • Posture vs technology blog

Posture vs Technology

More desk-bound work and converging technology are playing a big part in modern, sedentary lifestyles. To counteract this, it is important that office design takes human factors and ergonomics into consideration. Research from the Furniture Industry Research Association suggests that only 1% of the UK currently have sit-stand desks in comparison 90% of Scandinavian office workers.

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